The aims and objectives of Sukambizi Association Trust are:

  • To improve the trading structures and practices for the benefit of the participating farmers
  • To improve quality of life of the communities of the participating farmers
  • To develop full potential of participating farmers
  • To provide assistance in ensuring that the green leaf grown by participating farmers complies with International Fair-trade Standards and other similar certification organizations
  • To apply the premium fund in the Republic generally for social and economic up liftment purposes for the benefit of the participating farmer communities.
  • To raise, collect and receive subscriptions, fees, funds, grants, donations, bequests, endowments in cash or in kind for the furtherance of all or any of the aims and objectives.
  • To cooperate and liaise with Government of the Republic, Participating farmers, tea buyers, and processors and other organizations and persons having similar aims and objectives in all matters in the furtherance of the preceding aims and objectives.


The members produce and supply Lujeri Tea Estates Ltd (LTE) with green tea under the terms and agreement contained in a contract between Sukambizi Association Trust and Lujeri Estates Limited. SAT is a registered FAIR TRADE PRODUCER and participates in Rainforest Alliance. Fairtrade certified tea enjoys a significant sale price premium, all of which is paid to the Trust, for the sole purpose of community development projects in the district and villages where the farmers live with their families and grow tea. The smallholder tea farmers provide a significant and increasing percentage of the green tea processed by Lujeri and are an important part of the community. The number of farmers has increased from 1100 in 2001 to 9106 in 2015. These farmers provide over 17{a7b1be66464472dff01609ea795ba18e073a85065b21177072e9a394a0ea9ec4} of the crop processed by the four factories. Lujeri sees the smallholder farmers as important stakeholders in its business. The growth of these farmers in numbers, and hectares planted and tea produced continues to be encouraged for the good of Lujeri, the smallholder farmers and the community in general.